Archive: May 2018

City of Morehead Issues RFP for Laughlin Health Bldg.

The City of Morehead issued an RFP for Laughlin Health Building on MSU’s campus. The RFP is specifically for “Recreation Facility Management” consultants. At the request of the proposed community partners for the project, Mayor Jim Tom Trent put together a “Laughlin Committee”, consisting of representatives from City Council, Rowan Co. Fiscal Court, Morehead Tourism, Morehead State University and a citizen at large, to explore the viability of the proposed project as to its potential use for community recreation, senior and community wellness as well as recreational tourism–with athletic tournaments, etc. It is the desire of the committee to… Read More

Morehead Events

Don’t miss a single event in Morehead this summer. For a full list of all of the city’s happenings, click here. … Read More