Equipment Operator II – City of Morehead

Class Title: Equipment Operator II

Department: Public Works

Supervisor: Director of Public Works and/or Assistant to Director of Public Works

Supervises: Supervises Personnel Assigned to Equipment

Class Characteristics: Under general supervision, operates equipment within the department; performs general construction and maintenance duties; performs related work as required.

General Duties and Responsibilities:
Essential: Operates light, medium or heavy equipment (backhoe, front-end loader, heavy trucks, tractors, street sweeper, dozer, bush hog, garbage truck, jack hammer); supervises employees assigned to vehicle; assists in loading and unloading trash and refuse, installing, maintaining, and repairing streets, roads, sidewalks, curbs, culverts, parking lots, drainage ditches, storm sewers, manholes, etc. Cuts trees and tree limbs. Performs plumbing and carpentry work.Assists other employees at job site, performing all required duties. Makes minor repairs on equipment; ensures proper maintenance (including preventive maintenance) is performed on vehicle and equipment as scheduled. Maintains clean and sanitary vehicle and/or equipment. May assist Mechanic in performing minor or major maintenance and/or servicing of vehicles and equipment.

Additional Responsibilities: Performs other duties as required or assigned.

Non-essential: None.


Training and Experience: Graduation from high school or equivalent supplemented by two years related work experience.

Special Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
Knowledge: Thorough knowledge of the operating characteristics and servicing requirements of departmental vehicles and equipment. Thorough knowledge of the geography of the city. Thorough knowledge of the work hazards and applicable safety precautions associated with the operation of vehicles and equipment. Thorough knowledge of required departmental duties and responsibilities.

Skills: Skill in the operation of vehicles and/or equipment.Abilities: Ability to supervise subordinates assigned to vehicle or equipment while assisting with assigned duties. Ability to recognize operating deficiencies and make minor operating adjustments independently.Ability to understand and follow oral and written instructions. Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationship with city employees and the general public. Ability to perform heavy labor for extended periods of time, often under adverse weather conditions. Possess mechanical aptitude, manual dexterity, and good physical condition.


Instructions: Somewhat general; many aspects of work covered specifically but must use own judgment most of the time.Equipment Operator II, Page 2

Processes: Must occasionally consider different courses of action, or deviate from standard operating procedures, to get the job done.

Review of Work: Work is generally spot-checked.

Analytical Requirements: Problems require analysis based on precedent.

Tools, Equipment and Vehicles Used: Heavy equipment (backhoe, front-end loader, heavy trucks, tractors, street sweeper, dozer, bush hog, garbage truck, jack hammer, mowers, salt spreader, bucket truck).

Physical Requirements of the Job: Work is performed both indoors and outdoors; however, most work is completed outdoors regardless of weather conditions. Must lift heavy objects(more than 25 pounds); must operate vehicle and equipment as a job requirement; exposed to machinery and its moving parts; exposed to high places, confined spaces; must use ladders and stairs; exposed to fumes, chemicals and toxic substances.

Contacts: Public and internal contacts are requirements of the job.Confidential Information: Little or no use of confidential information.

Mental Effort: Moderate/heavy.

Interruptions: Few.

Special Licensing Requirements: Must possess and maintain valid commercial driver’s license issued by the Commonwealth of Kentucky.Availability: Must be able to respond to calls at all hours.

Certification Requirements: Membership in American Public Works Association and attendance at training programs and seminars preferred, but not required.

Drug and Alcohol Testing Requirement: Must participate in drug and alcohol testing as a condition of employment and continued employment.

Overtime Provision: Non-exempt